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Presentation of New Products by DIVUS '17 -'18

The engineers of our company attended in the presentation of the new products of the Italian DIVUS which was organized exclusively for members of the e-Dreams Network.

The presentation was held by General Manager Mr. Mirco Zublasing on May 26, 2017 in the e-Dreams offices in Athens. During the presentation, Mr. Mirco Zublasing analyzed the global vision and strategic goals of the Italian company, which is specializes for the Greek market in the new environment under construction.

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Under the slogan "technology is supposed to serve people rather than vice versa", it has taken out of its portfolio the whole range of products and solutions available to the company.

From DIVUS TOUCHZONE and its great advantage in interoperability with third-party products, DIVUS SUPERIO, the only DIVUS MIRROR information and control center for the whole family, has the ability to combine supervision, entertainment and information into a unique high quality product , passed to DIVUS HEARTBEAT which is the heart of an intelligent building and gives priority to network security.

He continued the DIVUS DOMUS product presentation with the DIVUS DOMUS 'invisible magic capabilities, developed the DIVUS KNX SERVER's upgraded features and editions, highlighted the specific weight of the DIVUS OPTIMA interface, communicated the user experience of a DIVUS VIDEOPHONE and stood out particularly in the advantages of combining DIVUS OPENDOOR and DIVUS TOUCHZONE.

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At the end of the presentation, our engineers were able to promptly ask questions and place them on specific case studies and projects that we are implementing during the current period.

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