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Intelestia is involved in the field of the Building Automation Systems offering comprehensive services of design, installation, programming and maintenance where fully meet the needs of any building facility. 

Our company’s approach is the universal support of our customers at all levels of the needs of the intelligent building facility. Therefore, our company undertakes the study and design of the system as well as the specification of the necessary devices, the installation of the electrical board and the rest of the system’s network, the programming for the execution of the functions according to the needs of the users and the maintenance or extension of the system when this is required.


Our company undertakes the elaboration of specialized studies on the organology and the connection of the electrical and mechanical installation required by determining its possibilities in depth.

Our engineers, in cooperation with the property owner, record the real needs for the system. This process is carried out through the special questionnaire prepared by the KNX organization and used by all KNX Partners.

Given the needs of the system, we create the proposal which contains the choice of the materials of the electrical panel, the control devices including the network routing and communication of the system which are chosen in the light of the optimal price-quality-capability.

Finally, our engineers will suggest any optimizations that may occur to maximize the capabilities based on the materials that the owner chooses.


According to the system’s plan, the certified electrical installers of our company are responsible for the physical installation of all materials and networks required.

The installation concerns the materials of the KNX electrical panel, command devices such as buttons, sensors etc. and wiring where all devices will be networked.

The installation works follow the national standard ELOT HD 384 - Requirements for Electrical Installations and after completion of the work, all devices are tested where possible for this stage.


Our company undertakes to program the installed devices in the KNX system according to its operating requirements.

Device programming is the key element that turns an automation system into an intelligent system. Through the ETS programming software, our engineers can create complex programs that meet the highest of the users’requirements.

In Intelestia we place special emphasis on programming’s organization and operating methods of the devices to create a reliable system without functional errors.At the end of the programming, our engineers perform a series of tests on all the functions and devices of the system while they perform the required debugging (if required) resulting the delivery of a fully functional automation system free from any kind of problematic process.εταιρία μας αναλαμβάνει τον προγραμματισμό των εγκαταστημένων συσκευών στο σύστημα KNX σύμφωνα με τις απαιτήσεις λειτουργίας του.


Problem solving and debugging are extremely rare in our work.

This is mainly due to internal job specifications that leave no room for error. Of course, the accidental and the rare failure of materials is something that cannot be forecasted and is always an unpredictable factor.

Thus, our company mainly undertakes:

- Preventive maintenance of critical installations and applications.

- Repair and optimization of installed systems by third-party installers.

- Extension of already existing systems.



Given that life-long learning is a core component of our company's culture, our engineers are certified under international certification standards in their respective fields.

They hold the basic and advanced KNX (Basic & Advanced Certificates), certified as AutoCad Autodesk Professional while they have attended several other related to our scope seminars such as Programming, Project Management, System Maintenance, Product Presentations eg. aiming to enrich their knowledge of technological developments.


e-Dreams Network

E-dreams has invested in a quality partner network, the e-dreams network, which promotes, implements and supports its products and solutions to end customers. Thus, we have been selected based on the quality of our work and the expertise and we are nominated as "Silver Partner".

As a member of this group, we can undertake the complete installation, configuration and support of building automation projects, having undergone extensive and reliable training and certification processes while, where necessary, through the network, we can carry out all kinds of project.

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Bitsos Development has cooperated with Intelestia to carry out a high-end project. For a luxury housing complex, in addition to high manufacturing quality, functional perfection is also required. Intelestia responded to our demands with precision, speed and professionalism in every act. Their engineers designed a system with special emphasis on the project's needs and installed it effectively respecting the space, thus achieving a perfect result.
Bitsos Peter
Bitsos PeterCivil Engineer - Bitsos Development

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