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Luxury Residences

Residences with increased demands in terms of the abundance of the systems and their type due to their increased size and the particularities of the residence are for us a separate category of projects. Our company’s engineers have specialized knowledge and experience to handle this kind of applications in order to be able to develop systems that meet the highest demands of the users in view of the high aesthetics in harmony with the functionality.

The most common "families" of systems installed in luxury homes according to our experience are:

Architectural Lighting

Dimmable Lighting Circuits (Dimming)

Lighting Color Control (RGB)

Activation of lighting scenarios in coordination with other features and operations of the system

Access Control & Safety

Access control locally or via any location through the Internet

Random presence scenarios

Detectors (flood, fire, etc.) as well as direct monitoring of the residence


Multi-zone Heating and Cooling

Intelligent combination of heating and cooling systems

Advanced programming of automated processes for more efficient use

Automated Processes

Based on the weather and not only

Garden irrigation, shade protection and energy saving and much more

Commonly used automated processes where they are required by users according to their daily routine

House Based Applications

Connect compatible home appliances when this option is given by the manufacturer

Immediate information and control of their processes

Remote control of home appliances and immediate overall energy savings


Visualization of residential systems and integration into automatic scenarios

Sound control within the residency and direct audio playback from smart devices

Central Video Projection in combination with other systems like Home Theater etc

KNX Server

KNX Server is the “heart” of Internet-based visualization technology as it provides full control over your home systems.

The system is completed with the installation of a central control and display system (KNX Server), which enables detailed imaging so the user can have instant and fast control over an extended system of functions through floor plans and other photographic representations.

Moreover, it provides advanced system control through unique server-based options, remote access to our technicians for instant service without delays in case of need changes as well as much more.

Ανώτερο Επίπεδο Διαβίωσης

With the installation of a Building Automation System, the users of the luxury home can analytically measure their energy needs (Smart Metering). As result, based on these data, energy optimization actions can be taken and significant energy savings, and hence cost, for the everyday uses of the home. This is an important element since management of a large-scale multi-site housing is not an easy task.

At the same time, the system gives this house the latest technology and superior quality of living with easy management of the most important space of our life, thus improving the quality of life ...!

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