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In Intelestia we believe that every home should enjoy the benefits of a system where it transforms it into a "smart home". So, in cooperation with e-Dreams Network, we have created an affordable installation package that covers the basic needs of an average home. In the era of rapid technological development, we believe that everyone should have access to modern technology where it will:

  • Increases Security Level
  • It offers comfort and convenience to your everyday life
  • Ensure control of your home from anywhere
  • Save energy and resources
  • Ensure protection
  • Automates important day-to-day operations of the home
Key Benefits of the System
 It is reliable and does not fail.
 It is expandable and can be upgrated. 
It is an innovative & well-designed package. 
It is not expensive and affordable for everyone! 

- Smoke Detector
It detects the existence of smoke and gives the corresponding alarm signal protecting the occupants from insidious inhalation and home from possible fire spreading.

- Motion & Presence Detector
It perceives motion and presence in the detection zone that supervises and gives the corresponding alarm signal by activating motion and lighting scenarios.

- Flood Detector
It instantly send alarm and protects the house from rainwater infestation disruptions, water drainage or drainage leakage and thus prevents unpredictable remediation costs.

- Wireless Panic Button
Simple button system so you can handle emergency cases to protect the elderly and those with limited capabilities.

Energy Saving

- Energy Metering
It measures real-time energy consumption and thus saves energy and money by the proper use of energy resources.

- Consumption Graph
Displays graphical and historical energy consumption data (time, day, week, month, etc.)

- Weekly Chronothermostat
Timers for heating, hot water and load management based on different needs and adaptability.

- Sign in for Night Pricing Policy
Connect to the provider's low cost information and display in the application.

Remote Control

- Control via Smartphone
All the features of Smarthome 4ENA are available on the mobile or tablet through a beautiful and simple application.

- Remote and Automated Lighting 
Automated lighting in a room without having to press a key (eg. the master off scenario).

- Remote Control of Heating and Cooling
Create and control ideal temperature conditions.

- Remote Notifications
Conversion of sensors and detection controls into visual or audible messages and alerts anywhere at any time.


- Local Touchscreen
Simplicity, ease, ergonomics and high aesthetics make up the wall touch screen.

- Scenarios "Welcome/Goodbye"
Scheduling successive scenarios for lighting, heating, or air conditioning based on the condition of the house (we are in or out).

- Hot Water
Check suitable water heater temperature locally or from a mobile.

- Expandable
It can be directly expanded with minimal additional costs in controlling air conditioners, shading rods, and automatic watering programming.

Luxury becomes accessible and accessible to everyone!

- Minimum Wiring 
Although fully compatible and extensible with (R/F) wireless systems, its guaranteed and durable performance implies a minimal wired approach. Even if the internet drops... the Smarthome 4 ENA does not fail.  
 - "Predicts" and Protects
It provides all basic safety uses for the protection of tenants, especially those requiring special protection and security, such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities. 
- Adaptation to the needs of the site
Customizable in every room and versatile in different uses. 
- Fully Expandable and Upgradable 
Directly, it can be expanded with minimal additional costs in controlling air conditioners, shading rods, and automatic watering programming.
Also switching to another package with more automation functions is easy as it follows the evolution of technology.

Smarthome 4ENA solution

* additional costs may result in installation costs depending on the needs of the site.
** Automatic Lighting, Heating and Thermostat, Notifications
Terms & Conditions
1. The package is provided at this price without the possibility of removing materials with a corresponding discount on the price.
2. The price includes the materials of the electrical panel, specific switching material according to the package and system programming.
3. Additional costs may arise from the installation of the materials. (electrical installation work).

Bring the future to your current home!

By installing the package that our company proposes, you upgrade your home and enjoy the unique benefits of building automation technology while setting the foundation for further development of the system when you want it.

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