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Zennio's complete solution which is suitable for every kind and size of hotel named "Zennio Hotel Solution" (ZHS) transforms your hotel unit into its most modern and technologically advanced form.

The guests of your hotel value, above the classic concepts, the technology put at their disposal to improve their comfort and contribute to energy saving reducing the environmental impact.

With our fully customizable and avant-garde touch panels or smartphones, guests can enjoy, among other things, lighting regulation, access, audio-video and exquisite climate control, eliminating one of the main sources of complaints and turning it into a competitive strength. It is possible to achieve this objective at zero cost due to the very fast return on investment guaranteed.

Zennio helps you enhance your hotel ratings on Bookingtm and TripAdvisortm through its specialized technology contract.

Conventional Hotel Room
Benefits for the Owner

1. Energy saving in hotel rooms up to 75% with return on investment from less than 1 year.

2. Imporves the hotel's eneregy footprint.

3. Enhances user’s experience.

4. Climate comfort guaranteed, better usability with special functions at the reach of the bed.

5. Possibility of innovating in the access to the room by means of smartphone, chips, magnetic stripe.

6. Impact on the improvement of the perception of the room in platforms such as TripAdvisor and Booking.

7. Standard and extraordinarily robust system with almost zero recurring maintenance costs.

8. System open to changes with avant-garde design and respectful with the environment.

Basic Operating Principle

The Zennio Hotel Solution, taking advantage of Zennio's unique functionality of its devises, creates a pioneering philosophy in operating room systems.

The operation focuses on the guest presence in the room through motion sensors that are installed covering all the areas of the room. Hence, the system can identify if there are guests within the room at the moment, and based on the situation, it automatically activates the relevant "scenario" according to hotel choices or based on the visitor's preferences.

In this way, the guest's required time dedicate making the relevant settings of his individual room systems (for example: lighting, shades, air conditioning, picture / sound etc) is drastically reduced while contributing, to the greatest extent, to energy saving.

Zennio Access Controls

• They are customizable. It allows to include images, icons, texts and logo to cause the desired aesthetic impression in the hotel. 

They are innovative. It includes a display that informs guests with welcome messages, opening, date and time, room number and hotel staff with messages such as DND, MUR, and so forth.

They are integrated with the BMS and automation systems to perform actions according to the presence of the guest in the room: lights, climate, electrical appliances, MUR, DND, check-in, and so forth.

Personalized Controls

• Fully personalized drawings on the controls to suit the style of the hotel.

Vertical or horizontal layout.

• Option for 4, 6 or 8 buttons with extra features available.

• Includes thermostat.

• Internal built-in temperature sensor.

Personalized Controls
Standard Room

Standard Room Functions

The main functions of this room type are:

1. Climate Control.

2. Presence Control.

3. Lighting Control (master off).

4. Energy Management.

Standard Δωμάτιο
Advanced Room

Advanced Room Functions

The main functions of this room type include the functions of the Standard Room and additionally include:

1. Access Control.

2. Independent control of lighting (On/Off, all off).

3. Control of blinds, Shutters and curtains.

4. Scenes (Sleep, Wake up, Welcome)

Advanced Δωμάτιο
Premium Room

Premium Room Functions

The main functions of this room type include the functions of the Advanced Room and additionally include:

1. Light dimming.

2. RGB Led dimming (chromotherapy).

3. Remote control from Smartphones.

4. Monitoring System.

5. Energy Metering.

Premium Room

Zennio Building Management System (BMS)

What is BMS and what does it need?

Building Management System (BMS) is an intelligent system for the technical management of hotels that allows the control and supervision of a hotel centrally.


• In plain words, it means making the most of the hotel facilities by reducing energy consumption and providing critical information to the hotel management for data-based decision making.

The Benefits of BMS

Consumption reports by room, floor or totals, and quick and easy acting over the devices automatically.

Optimization of consumption resources and hotel facilities reducing costs between 15-20%.

• Facilitates the preventive maintenance reducing hotel unforeseen events.

Optimization of energy consumption. Energy saving in hotel room up to 75 % with return on investment from less than 1 year

Multi-language, reporting, custom graphics plans and facilities schemes.

Early detection of technical issues.

Immediate identifcation of MUR (Make Up Room) and DND ( Do Not Disturb).

Access to display and / or control of installations using user profles and / or PIN access.

• System opens to changes.

Functions of the BMS

Monitoring and control of the hotel’s facilities locally and / or remotely.

Reporting and historical graphs for decisionmaking process for the hotel administration and management.

Early detection of incidents and alarms to improve maintenance hotel facilities.

Integration of BMS with other systems

Zennio BMS can be integrated with other systems and hotel management protocols to provide a complete automation, control and supervision solutions of the hotel in a centralized way.

The most important systems that Zennio BMS integrates into a single management tool are:

• Fieldbuses such as ModBus, LonWorks, Bacnet.

• Property Management Systems (PMS’s) such as Fidelio and Protel.

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* Opinions collected on TripAdvisor on Zennio’s home automation solutions installed in MB Boutique Hotel, Nerja (Spain).


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