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KNX Protocol

In our company, we have selected to install and use the building management systems following the KNX communication protocol. KNX is a globally broad used protocol for building control.

What is the Building Control and the KNX Protocol?

For any type of building establishment, no matter what is the use, KNX opens new opportunities for the development of the building control systems, while it maintains the cost down in a reasonable level. The KNX can provide solutions where, by conventional means can be utilized only with higher cost and effort. Via a touchscreen control panel, all the house’s or the building’s applications can be managed and controlled including the heating, the ventilation, the accesses control, the remote control. KNX provides new ways of increasing the comfort, the security level and the energy efficiency.

More than 340 KNX company-members offer in a world-wide scale over 7,000 certified groups of KNX products in their catalogues, from different field of application while some millions of successful KNX projects can be found not only in Europe but also in Asia, North and South America – a proof of the KNX’s approach attractiveness.

10 Advantages of KNX 

International Standard, therefore future proof.

Το KNX is the worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building
Control complying with:
• The International Standard ISO/IEC 14543-3,
• The European Standard series EN-50090 (CENELEC),
• The European Standards EN13321-1 and EN1332-2 (CEN),
• Chinese Standard GB/T 20965,
• US Standard ANSI/ASHRAE 135.

Certifications' Organisations Logos

Through product certification, KNX guarantees Interoperability and Interworking of products.

The KNX certifcation process ensures that different products of different manufactures used in different applications operate and communicate with each other. This ensures a high degree of flexibility in the extension and in the modification of installations.

KNX stands for high product Quality.

KNX Association requires a high level of production and quality control during all stages of the product´s life. Therefore all manufacturing members have to show compliance with ISO 9001.

A Unique Manufacturer Independent Engineering Tool Software: ETS®.

The PC software tool ETS allows the design, engineering and confguration of installations based on KNX certifed products. The tool is moreover manufacturer independent: the system integrator is able to combine products of different manufacturers into one installation.

KNX can be used for all application areas in home and building control.

KNX can be used for all possible functions / applications in home and building control ranging from lighting and shutter control to security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, water control, energy management, metering as well as household appliances, audio and lots more.


KNX is ft for use in different kind of buildings.

KNX can be used in both new as well as existing buildings. KNX installations can therefore be easily extended and adapted to meet new requirements, with little time and financial investment (e.g. when new tenants move into a commercial building).

KNX supports different configuration modes.

• Easy installation (E-mode): Confguration is done without the help of a PC but with for instance a central controller or via push buttons located on the products.

• System installation (S-mode): Planning of the installation and confguration is done via a PC with the installed ETS Software.

KNX supports several communication media.

• KNX TP (separate bus cable)
• KNX PL (existing mains network)
• KNX RF (via radio signals)
• KNX IP (via Ethernet or WiFi)


KNX can be coupled to other systems.

Several KNX manufacturers offer gateways to other networks, i.e. to other building automation systems, telephone networks, multimedia networks, IP networks, etc. KNX systems can be mapped to BACnet objects (as documented in the international standard ISO 16484-5) or offer the possibility to interface with the DALI technology.

KNX is independent from any hard- or software technology

KNX can be realized on any microprocessor platform. KNX can be implemented from scratch, but for easy market entrance, KNX manufacturers can also take recourse to providers of KNX system components. For KNX members, the use of the KNX standard is completely FREE of additional royalty fees.

Applications of KNX

Introductory flyer for the KNX

You can read and download the introductory flyer about the KNX

KNX Introductory Flyer


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