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Hotel in Marousi

A Zennio Hotel Solution solution, a solution specially designed for hotels, was implemented at a hotel unit in Marousi, Attica. For more detailed information on this system, you can find out in the "Hotels" section.

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The rooms are controlled by heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting throughout the room centrally. With advanced programming, the presence of the occupant is checked in the room and the appropriate actions are automatically carried out so that it always has a sense of comfort and at the same time the hotel unit will have significantly reduced energy consumption and satisfied customers.

The KNX system has also been used in public spaces, while using Internet-connected screens provides instant and remote information for all hotel points of interest such as hot water, room conditions, etc. 

Applied Systems
 GR service ext servicesGR service ext webGR service heatingGR service hvacGR service lightGR service ventilation

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