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Residence in Politia

In this project we were asked to provide a solution to the customer who already had some "automation system" installed. 

The system we found was inconsistent with a well-known standard, as it turned out to be "self-build".

We were asked to install an open system, but without making any changes to the switches that were on the system.

In addition, the user should be able to control the system centrally and remotely. Our company proposal for the installation of a CNC system was one way because this protocol is a really open communication protocol. We have retained the control switches that were already installed using the "Push Button Interface" solution. For central and remote control, we chose to install a KNX server. The user, via the automation system we installed, has the ability to control the lighting (either On / Off or Dimmer), the house shaders / rollers as well as ventilation where required.

Ofcourse, such an installation could not lack the scenarios to simplify control as they give great control. 

Applied Systems
 GR service ext webGR service lightGR service shuttersGR service ventilationGR service visualization


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