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Apartment at Politia

After the purchase of this property, the owner proceeded with a complete renovation. A major condition since the owner lives permanently abroad is the remote control of the multiple systems of the house.

politeia apartment1 4

In this project, the systems to had to be controlled were multiple. Thus, the dominant role is played by the scenarios where with their activation various predefined functions and settings can take place. This allows the user to control their home with only minimal activations ensuring complete comfort in control.

politeia apartment1 3
At the same time, there is a complete, central and remote control of all the systems of the house, thus giving the really complete control to its user, increasing the security levels vertically.

politeia apartment1 2

Applied Systems
 GR service audio visualGR service ext webGR service heatingGR service hvacGR service irrigationGR service lightGR service meteringGR service securityGR service shuttersGR service ventilation


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