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Apartment at Mets

During the renovation of the apartment in Mets, Attica, the owner wanted to give a modern character to the control of his home systems. The major condition, since the owner is permanently residing abroad, was the remote control.

Our engineers brought up with a solution that tackled all of the owner’s concerns. In addition to the ease of local management of the apartment systems, he required to have complete status about the current state of his house at any time!

mets house1 1

Therefore, through the selection of the right devices this became a reality and the owner has the ability to control the lighting, air conditioning, heating and to cut off the power supply to various circuits at will.

mets house1 2

In this way, in addition to saving energy, the system provides security and continuous monitoring.

Applied Systems
 GR service audio visualGR service ext servicesGR service ext webGR service heatingGR service hvacGR service light


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