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Residence in Elliniko

In this project, the owner had the need to centrally control the illumination of selected indoor and outdoor circuits, the house shades and to have remote control of the system.

elliniko house1 4

Our engineers installed a KNX automation system which, combined with wireless technology (RF), due to the difficulty in transforming the electrical installation and installing new wires, gave access to control of all circuits throughout the home. A luminance detector has been attached to the system so that in the "daytime" and outdoors there is automation in switching the lighting systems on and off.

elliniko house1 2

At the same time, with the installation of KNX thermostats we provide full control and operation of the heating while with an internet connected display the owners are able to remotely control the installation KNX in their home.

elliniko house1 5

Lastly, during our work, the owner received positive feedback on both the capabilities of the system and the quality of our work and asked us to prepare the cabling site for the control of air conditioning to be implemented at a later date time. 

Applied Systems
 GR service ext webGR service heatingGR service lightGR service shutters


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