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Butcher Shop in Andros

The owner of the butcher shop had as its primary need to know in real time the temperature in the store's refrigerators and in the event that some of them are found out of limits, there is an immediate notice to have a timely intervention and treatment of the situation.

Our engineers have proposed and installed a KNX solution where temperatures from all the refrigerators are measured and recorded. Also, if the temperature is outside the predefined by the butcher's manager, then the system will send a notice in time to the owners' mobiles.

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At the same time, with a special configuration and parameterization of the CNS system, alerts receive, even if there is a power cut, a fairly frequent phenomenon for the province, but also in case the "alarm" strikes.

We also automatically check the lights and hot water so that the owners can do their jobs seamlessly and the store is always properly lit and there is a need for hot water while saving energy. Also from such an installation could not be missing energy meter in order to optimize the energy-intensive work of the store.

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